"If nothing changed, there'd be no butterflies..."

-Walt Disney

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What our clients are saying about us...

Jennifer B.

"I had never considered the services of a special education advocate before. I thought I was always an informed parent who read the IEP's and would go into an ARD knowing what my son needed and was allowed to have to ensure his needs we being met. My son suffered an injury at school and I realized then that I needed someone with experience looking from the outside in. Sabina has the knowledge, background, and professionalism to work with parents and a school district to reach one common goal; the success and safety of your child! She was able to help me put my emotions in the right frame of mind and help everyone see where things needed to be improved. Things I would have never thought of! Sabina received many compliments from all in attendance at that ARD; the principle, teachers, even the head of Special Education for our district. She showed that working with an advocate is not working against the school, but with the school. Advocacy is so very important to your child's success!!"

Elizabeth T.

February 14, 2017

"When I first began looking for an advocate for my daughter, I was clueless about the process. I interviewed many advocates...Mrs. Duhon was one I immediately liked because she actually heard what I was saying, my concerns, my fears for my daughter and our many challenges. Together she and I created a plan while working hard and diligently with the school district that resulted in accomplishing our goals. I was a high-strung mom and because of Mrs. Duhon's quick responses and calm wisdom she was able to ease my mind. My child, my family and I are very grateful for everything she did to help us peacefully fight for our daughter in what seemed to be a dim, bleak, hopeless situation. I highly recommend her!"

Amanda H.

March 15, 2017

"Being a special needs parent, it's hard to find someone who hasn't given up on your child. It's easy to feel alone and almost hopeless, especially when going up against your child's school in hopes that they don't treat him as a number in the system. We had already begun advocating for our son against our school before we hired Sabina and I have vowed to never attend another ARD without her. Like most special needs parents, I didn't know all of my rights even though I spent countless hours researching everything I could about how to be a better advocate for my son. I still was unable to remember everything and know when and how to apply it. We needed help...and Sabina has gone above and beyond what we ever expected to provide us with that help. The very first ARD we attended with her, we felt empowered and heard for the first time in a very long time. The district began to take us seriously and understand that we would be our son's voice if we felt that it was being stifled. Sabina poured herself into our son's future progress and became part of his team...not just an advocate. I watched as she spent countess hours reviewing his school documents, writing out plans, learning who was making decisions for him in the district, and anticipating their every move with strategies and solutions to make sure we had a voice for our son. The thing about Sabina is that she has so much compassion for our son and quite honestly, she has become our rock in this fight. When we have felt like giving up or the light at the end of the tunnel looks dim, she has become our strength in knowledge. I have called her several times crying after the school has mistreated our son and she has comforted me and armed us with options time after time. That gift that she has given us is priceless, not only to us, but our son. We are still in this fight because of Sabina. She has not given up on our son and that, to us, is a rare and beautiful gift. Her love and passion for our son's progress is incredibly invaluable and we would not have had the success we have had so far without her."