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-Walt Disney

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Special Educ​a​tion Advocacy

A Special Education Advocate is someone who has knowledge and expertise concerning special education and its applicable federal and state laws, and works within those laws. It is a person with a true passion for individuals with special needs who strives to ensure that their rights and assurances are provided within their respective school districts.   An advocate provides education, support, encouragement, guidance, and comfort to families and students, and works collaboratively with you and your child's school district to secure the best possible education for your child.

An advocate strives to build a bridge between the district and parents in order to obtain the most appropriate educational program and services needed for a child with special needs. 

A Special Education Advocate is not an attorney. 

Special Education Advocates cannot practice law or provide legal advice as an attorney.

Our Services

Telephone consultation

Records Review, including but not limited to:

Private and School Based Assessments,

Report Cards, Developmental History, IEPs and/or 504 Plans

ARD/IEP and 504 Meeting Preparation

Attend ARD Meetings, 504 Plan Meetings, and other school meetings to discuss program goals with IEP or Section 504 Teams

Parent Liaison

Records request

Evaluation requests

(school based and independent)

Complaint Filing

Mediation Support

Provide Legal Support Contacts and Recommendations

Speech-Language Pathology IEEs